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Reflective Heat Shields

QUESTION: Should I place reflective heat shields in the windshield of my BE200 when I leave it parked on the ramp? ANSWER: Unlike your car, the windshield of the King Air has a polyvinyl layer sandwiched between two plates of glass. Using sunscreens to reflect the heat back outside the cockpit can damage this inner […]

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Cycles Defined

Many King Air pilots are confused about how to define an aircraft cycle. For maintenance purposes a cycle is defined as the period of time from initial start to shutdown of the engine that includes a start up, an increase to full power required for a flight regime and then a complete engine shutdown. So […]

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The Secret to Keeping your Windshield Shatter Proof

QUESTION: Will using windshield heat consistently reduce the chances of my windshield cracking? ANSWER: King Air windshields are constructed of two layers of glass separated by a polyvinyl inner layer. Contrary to popular belief, turning on the windshield heat does not cause or prevent the windshield from cracking. Most windshield crack when the heat is […]

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