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Icing review

Don’t forget! Open at plus 5°c when in visible moisture. by

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C-90 Fuel Mismanagement Accident

What would you do if the cross feed light illuminated? During every C-90 initial and recurrent training event, I ask my students that question. Most get it right, a few miss it. Here’s the NTSB report about a crew that didn’t follow the published abnormal procedures and ended up landing in a field. Here’s what […]

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The Importance of Preflighting Your King Air, Part II

Maybe a trend developing? Check those door pins! The cabin door fell off a King Air 200 taking off from California’s Monterey Regional Airport on last Thursday 10/10/13. The location of the 75-pound door was unknown until later the next morning, when it was discovered on roof of a local motel, according to The Californian of Salinas.  According […]

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Cycles Defined

Many King Air pilots are confused about how to define an aircraft cycle. For maintenance purposes a cycle is defined as the period of time from initial start to shutdown of the engine that includes a start up, an increase to full power required for a flight regime and then a complete engine shutdown. So […]

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FOD or “When to Deploy the Ice Vanes”

During ground school, several students have told me about their engines having to go into maintenance for first-stage compressor F.O.D. In each instance, a single blade has been bent with the damage being caused by a soft or dull object. I’m sure it was ice. The King Air intake system is the result of a […]

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