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Centex Aerospace chooses Executive Flight Training for pilot training

Written By: Doug Carmody - Mar• 04•15


Centex Modifications of Waco, Texas, has named Executive Flight Training of Beaufort, South Carolina, as an authorized BE200 type rating training center for all King Air 200/250 aircraft models for which Centex provides The HALO 250 IGW Conversion upgrades.

Executive Flight Training will be able to teach pilots how to get the most from their new upgrades with instruction specifically oriented towards the proper operation of all Centex upgraded aircraft, according to Centex officials.

Instruction will be available for Centex HALO 250 IGW Conversion upgraded King Air 200 and 250 aircraft models.

According to David Rogers, Centax’s Chief of Sales, “The HALO 250 Increased Gross Weight Conversion we provide our customers give them the capability to fly farther, faster and safer with the HALO 250 Conversion. More payload means more passengers, baggage, fuel, or a combination of these three. The 920 pound increase equates to an additional hour and a half of flight time, or, five more passengers plus baggage. The conversion also provides an increase in the maximum operating Mach number, Mmo from 0.52 to 0.58 Mach. This allows faster cruise speeds at high altitudes and faster descents, and is a real benefit for airplanes with -52 and -61 engines. Plus, five new safety systems raises the King Air to a new level of safety.”

He noted that Executive Flight Training will be demonstrating techniques to show “customers how to best operate their aircraft to realize these performance increases and improved efficiencies.”

“We’ve been training King Air pilots for 23 years now,” stated Doug Carmody, Executive Flight Training’s Owner. “We know these airplanes very well and have seen the advantages that the increased gross weight brings to the King Air 200. We’ll now be teaching pilots of these Centex upgraded models how to operate their airplanes to get the most from their upgrades.”

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