The King Air School

FITS member

3 Day King Air 300/350 Type Rating

Day 1
Introduction Powerplant Management
Aircraft General VMC & IMC Profiles
Optional Equipment and Modifications Emergency Procedures Checklist
Engines/Propellers Anti-ice/Deice
Environmental Systems Flight in Icing Conditions
Day 2
Flight Controls & Wing Flaps Aircraft Fuel System
Normal Procedures Checklist Performance & Flight Planning
Aircraft Loading Procedures Fuel Management
Emergency Procedures Checklist
Flight Profiles Systems Review/FARs
Day 3
Electrical Systems Flight Instruments
Landing Gear High Altitude Flight
Systems Failure Analysis Avionics & Auto-pilot
Emergency Procedures Checklist Weight & Balance Procedures
Final Exam

Training Time Allocation

Daily- 4 hours   Total- 12 hours

Daily- .5 hours   Total- 1.5 hours

Daily- 2.5 hours   Total- 7.5 hours

Daily- .5 hours   Total- 1.5 hours

Total Number of Hours:
22.5 Hours

FEE: $3995.00 plus examiner's fee. This program is taught utilizing your aircraft. As low as $11,995 using our aircraft.

Difference Training between different models of the same airframe. $1000 plus add an extra day to training schedule.

Our Insurance company requires students have at least 1000 hours total time and 500 hours of multi engine time to use our King Air 300 for training.

Call Doug at (843) 521-9412 or email to schedule your training.

Rent our King Air
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