Executive Flight Training’s King Air “POD” is NOW OPEN at Austin Executive Airport (KEDC)

Training that Matches Your Experience

Executive Flight Training

We offer insurance approved flight training to professionally minded pilots. We operate under FAA Part 61 and emphasize the “Train to Proficiency” concept. Your training schedule is based on your flying ability, recent experience, and time in type – not some arbitrary timeline. We aren’t a big school so our instructors get to know you, learn your strengths and weaknesses, and put together a program tailored to your training objective(s). It’s a concept that works. Our clients have been returning every year for the past 20 years!

King Air 200

Fly Safe Train Smart™

Simulator and In-Aircraft Training

Choose the training combination that meets your insurance and training goals. Our Fly Safe Train Smart ™ concept gives you the choice of combining full motion simulator with in-aircraft training using your King Air. This insurance approved training combination allows you to practice system failures, upsets, engine failures, failed instruments, and more in a realistic and safe environment.

No longer do you have to pay a high price to experience the benefits of a full motion simulator.

Our full motion King Air simulators replicate the BE-90, 200 & 350 utilizing an electric motion platform including a five channel visual system and control feedback. We offer unparalleled avionics choices including:

  • Garmin G-1000Nxi (BE-90 BE-200)
  • Garmin G-1000 (BE-90 BE-200)
  • Collins Proline 21 (BE-350)
  • Garmin 750 with Garmin 600 (BE-200)
  • Garmin 530W with standard panel (BE-90 BE-200)

It is the combination of this state of the art system with training from some of the most experienced King Air instructors in the country that results in an incredible value that other schools simply cannot match.

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