Executive Jet Training

King Air Recurrent Training

King Air Recurrent Training

King Air Recurrent Training

The Beechcraft King Air 200 received civil certification in December 1973 and remains in production as the King Air 250. The history of the King Air 200 is one of constant improvement. In May 2007, the B200GT was introduced with PT6-52 engines improving aircraft performance. In 2014 Beechcraft introduced the King Air 250EP. The EP allows the operator the option to choose an increase in the MTOW to 13,420 pounds. This upgrade requires the pilots of 250EP to acquire a type rating to operate the aircraft. The King Air 200 is the most iconic business turboprop in the world with over 3500 models flying in more the 94 countries.

Computer Based Training - Complete Prior To Arrival

One-on-One Ground School

Simulator Sessions (If Desired)

Flight Training To Proficiency

Time Allocation

Classroom Learning

3 hours


Pre-Flight Briefing

.5 hours


3 hours


.5 hours

Sim & Flight Training

Day 1

Aircraft Fuel System
Engine and Propellers
Flight Controls and Wing Flaps
Environmental Systems
Emergency Procedures
System Checks and Test

day 2

Flight Profiles
Landing Gear
Emergency Procedures Checklist
System Checks and Tests
Environmental Systems
Flight Training in Your King Air
Electrical Systems

Lead Instructor

Douglas Carmody is a former airline Captain with over 30,000 flight hours. He has over 32 years of instructional experience in turbine aircraft. Along with being a contract instructor, he’s also a corporate pilot, a charter pilot, a licensed A & P Mechanic, and author of 15 aviation books and numerous magazine articles.